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Verification Planning And Management With Formal

By Tom Anderson, Semicondutor Engineering

Over the last twenty years, formal verification has grown from a niche technology practiced only by specialists to an essential part of mainstream chip development. Along the way, several advances were needed to make wider adoption of formal feasible.

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At OneSpin’s recent Osmosis users’ group meeting in Munich, one of our expert users gave an excellent talk to address exactly this need. Antti Rautakoura is an SoC/ASIC Verification Specialist currently on leave from Nokia to pursue his PhD at Finland’s Tampere University. He began by discussing the incredible complexity of today’s large chips, including the increase in parallelism to compensate for the fact that single-thread performance is falling behind Moore’s Law. This puts even more pressure on verification teams, whose work typically consumes about two-thirds of the total project effort.


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