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Nokia FPGA Hackathon

Virtual Event | Create a Team | Conference Nov. 20 2020 | Hackathon Nov. 21-22 2020

Nokia FPGA Conference & Hackathon 

OneSpin's Design Verification Solutions will be provided to teams as part of their dev kit & our sponsorship of the event. 

Conference Description:

FPGA is our passion.We are changing the world through this. So you can! Join the hackathon we organize in Kraków to learn more about the technology gaining more and more popularity! Sharing this passion is the reason why we decided to create this conference. FPGA technology is one of the foundations for the revolutionary projects like fast telecommunication or autonomous cars. Thanks to the fast data processing and an ability to work on many resources, FPGA is a key in banking and insurance sector (acceleration of calculations and risk analysis based on data) or stock operations. And that’s not all! The mission of the event is to spread the knowledge of FPGA topics, meeting interesting guests and common networking.

What do you get at the Conference?

  • Knowledge of the latest FPGA challenges and solutions
  • Meetings with inspiring specialists and building a social and business relationship
  • Attending interesting lectures
  • The opportunity to share your knowledge with FPGA specialists and enthusiasts

Hackathon Description:

Imagine you’re sitting in a spaceship, ready for the greatest adventure of your life – the Mission to Mars. There is an overwhelming darkness around you, from time to time you only see the flash of a burning star. But suddenly something changes. In the distance you see the masses coming, thousands of meteors flying straight at you. In this chaos, you try to save the most precious thing, your ship. But the only thing that can help you is the meteor coordinates from the mysterious satellites.Your radio, based on FPGA technology, can’t keep up with their readings, gets lost in interpretation. You only have 24 hours to create a key and read the clues correctly. Do you dare to take that step? Will you be among the hundreds of daredevils who will save the Mission to Mars?

To learn more about the event visit

Event Details



Nov 20, 2020


08:45 AM CET



Nov 21 & 22 2020


11:00 AM CET

About The Event Host

Organized by Nokia & Intel, and supported by several sponsors including OneSpin Solutions, Mathworks, Mentor, & IEEE the yearly conference & hackathon is a great platform for FPGA enthusiasts to come together, learn, and gain practical expertise using cutting edge FPGA & design verification technology. 


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