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DAC'19 Troublemakers Panel in Las Vegas, NV

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By John Cooley,

Raik on OneSpin's four formal technologies the others don't have

Cooley: Raik. You're getting slaughtered by Cadence's Jasper. You went up against Jasper couple of years ago. You were on this panel.

(See ESNUG 563 #5 and ESNUG 563 #9)

In 2016, you were going to make it ... Jasper's #1 in #1 "Best of 2016", from killer capacity & debug OneSpin's #2 in #1 "Best of 2016", the "we try harder" company And how JasperGold compares to OneSpin in the Formal Apps biz ... but in every later survey I've ever seen, you OneSpin guys are just trounced. 

Raik: You think so? Your surveys may be wrong. Cooley: No, I seriously. I mean, it's across the board. For generalized formal, you're just not in the game. Not that I'm seeing. I'm seeing an Anirudh take it with Jasper. (See DAC'18 #7)

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CEO Perspective – Innovation Requires IC Integrity

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By Raik Brinkmann, OneSpin Solutions

I’m fascinated with cars, and there is a very famous car maker museum that I visited recently where they gave a thorough rundown of the history of each of their cars from how they are designed, to the materials they used, to the evolution of energy efficiency. It wasn’t until the last exhibit where they talked about the future of automobiles and how AI, including machine learning, is the driving force behind the next several generations of cars and transportation in general. The exhibit went on to explain how each phase of autonomous learning will be exponentially more difficult than the one before. Each phase requires more significant “horse‐power” in terms of data processing, how that data gets connected to everything else, and the customizations “under the hood” to the processors and SoCs.

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A Deep Dive into AI Chip Arithmetic Engines

By Sergio Marchese, Technical Marketing, OneSpin

Artificial intelligence (AI) is steadily progressing toward advanced, high-value applications that will have a profound impact on our society. Automobiles that can drive themselves are perhaps the most talked about, imminent technological revolution, but there are many more applications of AI.

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