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From EDA Cafe, The Breker Treker: Rain or Shine for the EDA Cloud?

Recent announcements from IBM and others about supporting EDA tools in the cloud have spurred renewed discussion on this topic, including here at The Breker Trekker. As expected, the recent posts have been very popular with our readers. Those of you who have been following this topic for a while may recall that, almost exactly two years ago, EDA vendor OneSpin announced cloud support for their formal tools. We invited their VP of Marketing, Dave Kelf, to fill us in their experiences since then:

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From The Electronic Engineering Journal: Decoupling Formal Technology from Formal Technology

Formal verification technology appears in the ascendant at the moment. It’s been around forever, it seems, but it’s now finding its way into more flows than ever.

And that’s because users don’t have to deal with formal technology.

The problem with formal is that it’s hard. And, historically, an investment in formal was best matched by an investment in a PhD or two to help out. Or perhaps by hiring some specialist consultants to help out. The way we’ve started to shake off some of those shackles is through apps. The companies making formal technology realized that they had to target specific problems and then bury the formal bits below a user interface and flow that were more natural to the problem being solved.

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From All Electronics: Things can be done more quickly

360-Launch-Pad von Onespin Solutions ist eine anpassungsfähige formale Plattform, die es Drittanbietern ermöglicht, weitere Verifikationsanwendungen (Apps) zu entwickeln, die auf der leistungsfähigen formalen Verifikationstechnologie von Onespin Solutions basieren.

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From The Tech Design Forum: OneSpin brings formal to bear on ISO 26262 fault tracing

OneSpin Solutions has used its formal-verification technology as the basis for an app intended for ISO 26262 projects that analyzes the ability of a design to deal with fault conditions.

Raik Brinkmann, president and CEO of OneSpin, said: “Fault qualification is one of the most time-consuming and important operations in the verification of these designs, and we have produced a unique app that fully complements our safety critical solution.”

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From EDN Europe: Formal verification company provides technology access on “app” model

Formal verification has long held promise as a verification tool for the SoC design chain – but the arcane nature of the applied mathematics involved has limited its use to a subset of specific areas. German specialist OneSpin Solutions has now found a way that third parties can build tools on the base of its formal verification “engines”, applying the full power of the technology while retaining full secure over its underlying formal intellectual property.

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From Elektroniikka Lehti: Formaalia varmennusta sovelluksena

Elektroniikan suunnittelut täytyy ennen toteutusta varmentaa eli verifioida. Formaali verifiointi eli todentaminen matemaattisesti on hyvin hankalaa ja on edellyttänyt erittäin syviä tietoja työkaluista. Nyt saksalainen Onespin on tehnyt formaalista verifioimisesta hyvin helppoa.

Onespin on julkistanut 360 Launchpad -alustan. Kyse on joustavasta alustasta, jolla yritykset voivat kehittää omia formaalin verifioinnin sovelluksiaan kehitystyötä varten.

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From The Tech Design Forum: OneSpin uses app-store approach to open up formal verification

Formal-verification specialist OneSpin aims to broaden the appeal of its technology by setting up EDA’s equivalent of an app store to showcase not only the company’s own specialized apps for verification but from other tools vendors.

The first companies to sign up for an OEM deal that lets them embed the formal-verification technology in their own products are Agnisys, with a tool for verifying register setups, and Tortuga Logic, which launched its Prospect portfolio of tools several days ago.

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