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Back After a Break…DVCON, Design Verification is a hotbed…Crucial Tips For A Great Resume…

By Mark Gilbert, EDA Cafee

After a brief hiatus, my column returns after a few months off. I needed a little break from the deadlines and time it takes to write this little column, which I can proudly say, continues to be a top-read piece every month, on (Not to brag but what the heck, my Videos, also on are also always among the top viewed). As the only NON-TECHNICAL writing of our industry, (I have been faithfully publishing it for the past 12 plus years) I have proudly created an amazing following, I wanted to quickly thank all of you who reached out to me after not seeing anything new from me. I so appreciated all the notes and calls, asking when my new column would be published and generally making sure all was OK with me…from CEO’s and VP’s, to my many friends and followers, hearing from you and having you show me all your support for what I do, means so much to me and I THANK YOU.


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Thusly, as I head to DVCON, I am keenly aware of just how hot the area of Design Verification with all its flavors is. As all of us in the space know that there are several areas of specialties that cover the DV domain and several sub-specialties as well. In the EDA “tools” arena there are several companies of dominance and what is really interesting, is that there are several companies that are making quite a splash and giving the BIG GUYS a run for their money. One such company that has been around for quite a while but which has gained enormous traction and respect is ONESPIN. They, for example, are making an impact on the industry, giving a viable alternative to the Big3. That is quite an accomplishment in a crowded arena with so much competition.


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