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Domain Crossing Nightmares I Part 1

By Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss problems associated with domain crossings with Alex Gnusin, design verification technologist for Aldec; Pete Hardee, director, product management for Cadence; Joe Hupcey, product manager and verification product technologist for Mentor, a Siemens Business; Sven Beyer, product manager design verification for OneSpin; and Godwin Maben, applications engineering, scientist for Synopsys. What follows are excerpts of that discussion.


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Beyer: We live with the trend of everything getting bigger and bigger. But when you get too much of anything, and with all of the optimizations everyone is trying to do in terms of power, the number of dependencies that you get between the different domains is mind-boggling.


Beyer: It is basically following the good paradigm of divide and conquer. Everything that can be done at the block level should be done there once. And then we have the reuse aspect of that, which is already partially covered at this stage.


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