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EDA Cloud Adoption Hits Speed Bumps

By Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering


If moving semiconductor design to the Cloud was easy and beneficial, everyone would be doing it. But so far, few have done more than dip a toe. The level of difficulty associated with migrating to the Cloud varies, depending upon who you talk to. The reality is that not everyone makes it as easy as it could be, or is not willing to put the necessary effort into making it easier. There is certainly a chicken-and-egg problem.


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Security is often the biggest concern for user companies considering cloud-based EDA solutions, says Tom Anderson, technical marketing consultant for OneSpin Solutions. “Although sales, finance and HR systems have been widely used in the Cloud for years, some engineers still resist uploading their RTLtestbenchesformal verification environments, and synthesis scripts. Therefore, the first thing a company should do is to assess carefully the level of security provided, whether in their own clouds, EDA clouds, or in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services. Engineers understand this issue and need to be comfortable with any solution.”


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