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HW/SW Design At The Intelligent Edge

By Ann Steffora Mutschler, Semiconductor Engineering | Featuring Raik Brinkmann, President and CEO, OneSpin

Systems are extremely specific and power-constrained, which makes design extremely complex.

Adding intelligence to the edge is a lot more difficult than it might first appear, because it requires an understanding of what gets processed where based on assumptions about what the edge actually will look like over time.


“When you build systems, there are multiple things you need to care for,” said Raik Brinkman, CEO of OneSpin Solutions. “It’s the same whether you do it in hardware or software, but the challenge is how you keep track of data. Nothing is fixed, and as you get new data, you may find you have gaps and have to retrain systems. There are multiple layers of data. And with machine learning, you need to recompute everything. This is a big management task. People are not aware of the complexity in all of this. They’re happy enough that it works.”


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