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New Market Drivers

By Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss changing market dynamics with Steve Mensor, vice president of marketing for Achronix; Apurva Kalia, vice president of R&D in the System and Verification group of Cadence; Mohamed Kassem, CTO for; Matthew Balance, product engineer and technologist at Mentor, a Siemens Business; Tom Anderson, technical marketing consultant for OneSpin Solutions; and Andrew Dauman, vice president of engineering for Tortuga Logic. What follows are excerpts of that conversation.


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Anderson: There is a tendency to dismiss IoT as being something really simple, which involves parts that are thrown away. But that is not reality. I am seeing people with sophisticated designs, including many with high-end FPGAs. You may say you do not use an x86, instead going to an Atom processor. But when you look at that datasheet you see eight cores and a server-class chip. This is a serious design.


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