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Verification As A Flow I Part 2

By Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the transformation of verification from a tool to a flow with Vladislav Palfy, global manager application engineering for OneSpin Solutions; Dave Kelf, chief marketing officer for Breker Verification Systems; Mark Olen, product marketing group manager for Mentor, A Siemens Business; Larry Melling, product management director, System & Verification Group at Cadence; and Roger Sabbagh, vice president of applications engineering for Oski Technology. What follows are excerpts of that conversation.


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Palfy: It sounds like what OneSpin did with gap-free verification. A methodology that had a property set fully proven to be complete and cover all possible scenarios that your IP can do. The difference is that here you had two or three companies that tried to put it together with PS and maybe the time is right and maybe we were just too early.


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