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Push button apps for formal code analysis

What designers require for early and automated detection of implementation issues are fast and easy to set up static checks for the sequential operation of the code in an exhaustive fashion, without relying on user provided stimulus. Formal has been advocated as the solution, but getting started with formal has been seen as difficult and time consuming.

OneSpin 360 DV-Inspect Apps simplify the setup and learning to a minimum. Targeting three of the most time consuming bug finding scenarios, DV-Inspect apps are the easiest to use.

The DV-Inspect Apps Library comprises the following:

DV-Inspect Apps Library

Structural Analysis is focused on syntactic and semantic analysis of source code. Safety Checks exhaustively verify the absence of common sequential design operation issues and failure debugging. Activation Checks ensure that specific design functions can be executed and are not blocked by unreachability. The three apps have one thing in common, they are all fully automatic and require no assertions to be created by the user.

The Structural Analysis, Safety Checks and Activation Checks Apps are included in the 360 DV-Inspect product. They are also packaged with 360 DV-Verify.

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