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Please find here a comprehensive press kit for our Safety-Critical Verification Solution. All provided materials are approved for publication under the stipulation that OneSpin and the original author should be mentioned.

Solution Overview

The OneSpin Safety Verification Solution – Driving key ISO 26262 metrics

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Press release: Safety-Critical Solution for Automotive

Formal Verification Leader OneSpin Solutions Unveils its Comprehensive Safety-Critical Solution for Automotive, Other Mission-Critical Applications

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Whitepaper: Using Formal to Verify Safety-Critical Hardware for ISO 26262

OneSpin's formal verification solutions can help automotive suppliers continue to advance their technology while keeping drivers and passengers safe. Our safety-critical white paper examines the ISO 26262 automotive standard and makes a case for its indispensability.

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Flyer: Safety-Verification Solution 

  • Unique, comprehensive and integrated set of apps to verify safety-critical hardware
  • Improve ISO 26262 / ICE 61508 diagnostic coverage metrics
  • Automate handling of fault injection scenarios for assertion-based verification (ABV) 
  • Multiple formal coverage metrics for standards-compliant requirements verification 

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