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Xilinx talks Safety
with OneSpin

Sagheer Ahmad about Xilinx's view on verification of safety-critical automotive applications

Sasa Stamenkovic, senior field application engineer, sat down with Xilinx's senior director of architecture, Sagheer Ahmad, to speak about the challenges of moving into the automotive space even for a company with longstanding experience in other safety-critical domains.

In their brief interview, they cover the difference between systematic and random failures, and the impact on the development flow. Sagheer claims that formal already plays a significant role in the flow for systematic verification. He also states that more tools are needed that focus on random fault analysis, diagnostic coverage, and safety mechanisms.

Watch the full video of Sasa's talk with Xilinx

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OneSpin offers a comprehensive Safety-Critical Verification Solution with a range of formal tools and techniques providing a complete verification flow to eliminate systematic faults and verify that a high proportion of random faults will be detected and handled by the device. The solution includes advanced coverage techniques, fault injection and detection, and qualification for industry safety standards.