OneSpin provides software tools
that allow engineers to create
reliable, bug-free digital integrated circuits.
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Advanced technology to solve the toughest verification problems

Through many years of project experience and development, OneSpin has produced the most advanced formal platform in the world. As the only company focused on formal, its expert R&D and AE teams have successfully solved the toughest next-generation verification challenges.

Supporting customer innovation by anticipating “tomorrow's“ verification challenges

OneSpin drives continuous innovation in all aspects of its business and that of its customers. Anticipating tomorrow’s challenges through close partnerships with our customers has allowed us to be first in many areas of verification. 

Open culture enabling effective and flexible business partnerships

OneSpin’s nimble, agile, and cooperative culture makes it easy to do business with us. We move quickly to solve customer problems in the spirit of openness and flexibility, driving an unprecedented level of customer loyalty.

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“I want to thank you for the exceptional support you have provided to our team. Your efforts have been instrumental in ensuring success with our project. You and your company have really exceeded expectations”

US Defense Contractor, name withheld by request

“The OneSpin design verification tools are exceptional. OneSpin 360 DV-Certify with the GapFreeVerification process offers a value proposition that is unique in the market place. It has been a pleasure to work with the software for a number of years, and it is a pleasure to recommend the tools.”

Peter Jensen, owner and managing director, SyoSil

“We’ve had successes in using OneSpin’s equivalence checking software in our projects, and regard OneSpin’s 360 EC-FPGA as a key component in the development of high-quality sequential synthesis flows.”

Vigyan Singhal, president and CEO of Oski Technology

"I can cite numerous projects showing phenomenal results from OneSpin’s design verification software. OneSpin technology has consistently enabled us to deliver outstanding results to our customers.”

Sergio Marchese, managing director, TeraStatic

"The OneSpin formal solutions offer a broad range of applications in a very easy to use manner, and were found to be particularly efficient to introduce Assertion Based Verification in a four hour class. They outperform several other tools that we had used the years before."

Prof. Dominique Borrione, IMAG, France

“Early verification activities always pay off since errors become more expensive the later they are detected. The combination of formal directly into code editing, means earlier verification catching issues as they occur.”

Dr. Philippe Faes, CEO, Sigasi

“Rigorous verification is a critical aspect to fully and exhaustively testing the security facets of a modern semiconductor. With OneSpin’s LaunchPad, we were able to catapult Prospect, our hardware security solution, into the marketplace with a robust and reliable formal platform, introducing a specific verification solution for a complex, growing need.”

Jason Oberg, president and CEO, Tortuga Logic

“Formal verification technology may be leveraged to improve many aspects of IP development and integration. OneSpin’s LaunchPad opens up exciting possibilities in the IP space without the enormous technical and commercial overhead of traditional formal solutions.”

Warren Savage, president and CEO, IPExtreme

“OneSpin Solutions has always been a premier verification provider with excellent tools, in-depth training and fantastic support. Its focus on formal tools and a license-based business enables companies such as Methods2Business to generate revenue. OneSpin’s unique GapFreeVerification process guides verification engineers to reach 100% functional coverage on their most critical IP for the highest possible verification quality.”

Marleen Boonen, CEO and founder, Methods2Business

“Formal techniques are becoming an absolute requirement. OneSpin represents a company that is focused on formal verification solutions.”

Jim Hogan, elecronic design industry luminary

“OneSpin Solutions has created innovative formal-based design verification and equivalence checking solutions that are being used to fully vet some of the most safety critical designs in production today. We believe that by including equivalence checking as part of the design flow, we will better meet our customers’ stringent requirements for high-reliability designs.”

Bruce Weyer, VP and business unit manager, Microsemi

“The MicroSemi ProASIC3 FPGA is a core component of the Advanced Logic System (ALS), and use of the OneSpin 360 Equivalence Checker is an integral part of our FPGA development process for nuclear safety systems.”

Erik Matusek, Safety System Platform Manager, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC

“We have developed a close working relationship with OneSpin. Together, we are bundling equivalence checking with our next-generation physical RTL synthesis into an effective solution for a range of design environments.”

Scott Seaton, ppresident and CEO, Oasys Design Systems

“OneSpin 360 DV can identify issues early in the design cycle, when it’s easier and more cost effective to make changes.”

Frank Hsu, senior principal member of technical, Maxim Integrated

“Since acquiring OneSpin in January 2011, we have been hugely impressed by the calibre of the team and the outstanding quality of the company’s products. OneSpin already solves the verification challenges of several of the world’s leading semiconductor and electronic system companies.”

Paul Hill, Partner, Azini Capital

“We share the management’s confidence that the company can further broaden its customer base. Our decision to invest in OneSpin underlines our confidence in the long-term future of the company.”

Paul Hill, Partner, Azini Capital

“We were looking for a verification method that significantly increases the performance of our functional verification for the MCU platforms. We selected OneSpin's 360 DV technology because it provides the best solution for our needs for advanced capabilities to enable functional verification during the product deployment phase of platform development in a significantly shorter timeframe than logic simulation. The ease of use of Operational ABV, combined with the capacity and performance of 360 DV, saves significant effort in the Renesas Electronics functional verification flow compared to logic simulation.”

Kazutami Arimoto, General Manager, System Core Development Division of Renesas Electronics Corporation

“Our decision to invest in OneSpin underlines our confidence in the future of the company, based on the growth the business is seeing for its verification solutions. We have no doubt that the dynamics in the semiconductor market at large will drive growing demand for OneSpin’s products, and that we can help OneSpin fulfill its potential.”

Paul Hill, Partner, Azini Capital

“We received an impressive number of submissions for our 2009 Innovation Awards program, indicating that innovation was alive and well despite the economically challenging year. In the EDA: Front-End Analysis and Synthesis Tools category, OneSpin's RootCauseAnalyzer was one of the outstanding submissions our editors chose.”

Rick Nelson, editor-in-chief, EDN

“OneSpin's formal verification technology is essential for us to deliver 'first-time-right' FPGA designs to our customers, to start functional verification earlier, and to shorten the time to market. We needed a formal ABV solution that addresses the broad range of requirements and tasks in our customer projects and that adapts easily to the wide diversity of skills in our company.”

Rudolf Krumenacker, head of embedded systems hardware services, Tieto

“360 DV can be used across the company to ensure the functional and real-time capabilities of our designs, closing the 'verification gap' common in the development of high-end FPGA solutions. Additionally, OneSpin has a reputation for excellent customer support, which is essential for us to keep our customers' project schedules.”

Rudolf Krumenacker, head of embedded systems hardware services, Tieto