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Formal Roadmap

From Semiconductor Engineering: Formal verification has come a long way in the past five years as it focused on narrow tasks within the verification flow. Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss that progress, and the future of formal technologies, with Raik Brinkmann, president and CEO of OneSpin Solutions...

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Gaps in the Verification Flow

From Semiconductor Engineering: Experts at the Table, part 3: Panelists discuss software verification, SystemC and future technologies that will help verification keep up.

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Using Formal Verification To Prevent Catastrophic Security Breaches

From Semiconductor Engineering: The news of last week’s Yahoo hack that affected 500-million or so users sent shock waves of anxiety far and wide. It’s not clear yet how the massive data breach occurred or through what means the hackers accessed the network. It could be the chips that drive the network, often vulnerable to attacks on their operational integrity.

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Rethinking Verification For Cars

From Semiconductor Engineering: As the amount of electronic content in a car increases, so does the number of questions about how to improve reliability of those systems. Unlike an IoT device, which is expected last a couple of years, automotive electronics fall into a class of safety-critical devices. There are standards for verifying these devices, new test methodologies, and there is far more scrutiny about how all of this happens.

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Security Issues in IoT

From Chip Design Magazine: Security is one of the essential ingredients of the success of IoT architectures. There are two major sides to security: data security and functional security. Data security refers to the avoidance that data contained in a system is appropriated illegally. Functional security refers to having a particular system function in a manner it was not intended to by an outside factor. Architects must prepare for both eventualities when designing a system to foresee devise ways to intercept or isolate the system from such actors.

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The Sky is the Limit Drones, Formal Verification, and A Move Toward SystemC

From The Electronic Engineering Journal "Fish Fry": In this week’s Fish Fry, we look to the skies for the next big thing in verification technology - formal verification. Dave Kelf from OneSpin joins us to discuss the past, present, and future of formal verification, what formal does that simulation does not, and details of OneSpin’s “Game of Drones” contest. Then, in keeping with our airborne theme, we take a closer look at a new drone called “Deep Purple” developed by the US Army's Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center - designed specifically to sniff out biological and chemical agents in the air.

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